Weekly puzzleset

On this page we will add the weekly puzzles. For each puzzleset you have untill the next Sunday 23:59 to complete them and to send the answers to Anouk, either via whatsapp, mail (extern-hooke@tudelft.nl) or via the hooke instagram (@svnbhooke). On every Monday the answers will be released, along with a new set of puzzles. Are you up for the challenge?

If you are stuck, you are allowed to ask Anouk for a hint.

Puzzleset Nr. 1

Some Bright Sums

    1. If R+Y = O and R+B = P, then B+Y = ?
    2. If B+G = C, and R+B = M, then R+B+G = ?
    3. If Y+Y = B, Y+G = B, R+P = B and G+B = B, then R+R= ?

Chickens in the gallery

The dog’s in the canal, the cat’s on the fell, and the sheep is over there. Is the peacock on the pavement, the road or in the garden?

Are you going?