Lustrumbook Page Sale

S.V.N.B. Hooke turned five years old in November, which means that we are celebrating our first lustrum this year. For this occasion, dsDNA is making a lustrumbook with the theme ‘Synthesis’! This book will be somewhat similar to a traditional yearbook, and it will cover the establishment and history of S.V.N.B. Hooke, the Nanobiology programme, and the nanobiology field in general. This will be a book to help you look back on your time studying nanobiology in 10 or 50 years. To cover Hooke’s history as thoroughly as possible, we need your input! We have already contacted the past/current boards and committees, but there is more of our association left to capture.

Do you want to leave your mark in the lustrumbook? Buy a page and make sure that your memories, friend group, pictures, and quotes will never be lost!

A page costs €20. You are free to use your page for whatever content you see suited! We do, however, check each page on its appropriateness and you will receive this feedback after the deadline. As an example; we do not want anyone to be insulted by the submitted pages.

The deadline for submitting your page is 20 March 2020 at 23:59.

Additional information: the page size of the book is 210 x 170 mm. The outer centimeter of the submitted pages could be invisible because of further layout details, so make sure to not place any indispensable details on the border. Although you are completely free to let your creative side take over, we will inform you about the following details in case you want to use them:

  • Our font for text is ‘Gotham light’ in size 10p
  • We use ‘Gotham medium’ in capitals (size 24p) for large titles
  • Our font for quotes is IBM Plex Serif bold italic, size 14p
  • Pictures should be at least 300ppi to have sufficient quality in print
  • The main colours are: Blue (#78afb4, #458688, #2b5c61), Hooke red (#900000), and off-white/grey (#f5f5f5, #b2b2b1, #3c3c3b)

If you have any questions, please contact one of the committee members in person or send an email to

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