Introweekend 2018

This year, as a closure of summer break, IntroN will take you to the deep ocean waters. All Freshmen of Nanobiology will be invited for the legendary Introduction Weekend on August 17th up until august 19th.

During this weekend, you will not only get to know the other freshmen, but you will also get your first impression on the study association (S.V.N.B. Hooke) and the seniors of our study. Mentor groups for the OWee/Eurekaweek will be formed and of course there will be time for some great parties. The weekend will be themed ‘Finding Nano; Just keep splicing in the CRISPR-clear sea’, so put on your most beautiful Nemo outfit and swim with us to P. Sherman Wallaby Way!

You can register for the introduction weekend at the OWee-site or by filling in this form.
Instead of the OWee (introduction week of Delft), it is also possible to subscribe for the introduction week of Rotterdam via the Eurekaweek-site.

“Finding Nano; Just keep splicing in the CRISPR-clear sea.”

Do not forget to add us on Instagram, (intronhooke), Facebook (Introweekend Nanobiology), and above all, do not forget: Just keep splicing.