Mentor registration 2020-2021

Do you want to help 1st year students familiarizing themselves with their study programme, the two universities, and the cities of Rotterdam and Delft? Become a mentor during the first semester of 2020-2021! Below you can sign up in pairs until Wednesday May 20, 2020, 23:59. After that date, Tanja will notify you when your interview is scheduled.



  • You are a 1st year student → you are currently missing not more than one course (i.e. from the courses that don’t have a resit anymore, not including Labcourse 2)
  • If you’re not a 1st year student and you’re interested, please contact Tanja: Depending on your study progress we will decide if you are eligible.


What is expected from you once you are a mentor?

  • You will be a mentor from August 31, 2020 – February 2021, together with a fellow mentor for a group of 10 mentees. Please note that there is a fair chance that we have to change things if the 1,5 m measure is still valid by then. For instance, creating smaller groups guided by only one mentor, and meeting with your mentor group online.
  • Attend the compulsory online mentor training course – date to be decided.
  • IntroN, Eureka Week and OWee are canceled. There will be alternative online introduction activities, that we expect you to join as mentor.
  • Our initial plan was to include a kind of Get to Know your Mentor Group activity on the first day of the new academic year. However, due to the COVID-19 measures we have to change plans. We’re looking into online option. No details are known yet but as mentor we expect you to join.
  • Organise (lunch) activities with your mentor group every week during September, and biweekly from October to February.
  • Attend regular mentor meetings with yours truly from September to February.
  • Submit a short written update about your mentor group every month.
  • Submit a reflection report on your role as mentor in February 2020.

Selection procedure
We will need 10 mentor pairs in total. Selection of mentors is based on your academic progress + mentor pair interview (representativeness) via Zoom, and is carried out by yours truly. The interviews will be scheduled between May and early June.


Registration was closed on Wednesday, 20-05-2020 23:59