Useful Information

The following people may help you with questions or comments regarding the Nanobiology programme:

Commissioner of education
Lianne Folkerts
015-278 1639
Applied Sciences (building 58), room C0.010

Programme coordinator
Johanna Colgrove
015-2787991 06-38062467
Applied Sciences (building 58), room B0.100 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Erasmus MC, room AE-212 (Wednesday and Friday)

Programme director
Claire Wyman
Erasmus MC, room Ee-720a

Study advisor
Tanja Hilkhuijsen
TN (building 22), room A212 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Erasmus MC, room AE-212 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Here you can find some useful links that will make your life as a Nanobiology student a lot easier.
You can find the schedule for all courses (excluding the classrooms in Rotterdam) here.
You can find the schedule and classrooms for courses in Rotterdam here.
On this website you can find all education rooms of the TU Delft and how to reach them.
All opening hours of TU Delft buildings (regular opening hours and during exam weeks) are available on this website.
If you want to print stuff from your laptop, you can use this website.
You can charge your printing credit for the TU Delft on this website.
If you want to use software of documents located at TU Delft computers, you can use this website to access them from your laptop.
You can log in to your TU Delft webmail on this website.
For several courses you can find recorded lectures on this website.
All information regarding courses, such as learning goals, studybooks and examination are available in the digital study guide.
When you log in using your TU Delft netid on this website, you can download software for a relatively low price at surfspot.