Every year, after the first semester we have a holiday to completely recover from stress and all the worries that come with university life. To help you relax to the fullest, Wnt organizes an unforgetable trip far, far away from Delft and Rotterdam.

The Wnt pathway plays an important role in the migration of cells in embryonal development. Join us on this migration abroad and become the relaxed student you’ve always hoped to be, ready for the second semester!

Functions 2020/2021

President & Commisioner of Acquisition: Jasper den Heijer

Secretary & Commissioner of Promotion: Marit Verheij

Treasurer & Commissioner of Promotion: Nikos Bakas

Commissioner of Logistics: Myriam Oskam

Commissioner of Logistics & Acquisition: Niek Jonkers

QQ: Ellenoor Rijn