The Symposium Committee aims to organize a symposium for all Hooke members, faculty members and other interested parties. With a study area in which continuous new discoveries are made, it is important to keep the students informed. Through the symposium we also want to give students a different insight into their future, by having multiple speakers coming from different directions, which can be followed after the study.

Functions SNP 2019/2020
President: Minouk Noordsij
Secretary: Florine Buijtenhuis
Treasurer: Marit Verheij
Commissioner of External Affairs: Pim van Beeck
QQ: Alexander Neutel
QQ: Anouk Dutree

Left to right, top to bottom: Anouk Dutree, Minouk Noordsij, Alexander Neutel, Marit Verheij, Pim van Beeck, Florine Buijtenhuis