The Symposium Committee aims to organize a symposium for all Hooke members, faculty members and other interested parties. With a study area in which continuous new discoveries are made, it is important to keep the students informed. Through the symposium we also want to give students a different insight into their future, by having multiple speakers coming from different directions, which can be followed after the study.

The next symposium will take place on 12 October 2021, and the first speaker is already announced. René Medema is the director of research at the Dutch Cancer Institute (NKI). More information on this speaker can be found here.

Functions SNP 2020/2021

President: Jesse Poort

Secretary: Lisa Warners

Treasurer: Floor van der Zalm

Commissioner of Acquisition and Logistic: Susanna Tdlohreg

Commissioner of Speakers and Promotion: Iris Bakker

QQ: Hanna Vermeer

QQ: Loek Andriessen