Kinecie is Hooke’s newest committee! The committee members will organize a rally in the spring of 2021. A rally is a scavenger hunt that you do in a car. We will provide you with a booklet full of puzzles that you will have to solve to find the route you need to ride to find the endpoint! The rally will take place on Saturday the 29th of May. The price of the rally will be around €5. You can register for the rally with one other Hooke member. This so that everyone adheres to the RIVM guidelines. If the regulations get loosened, there is a possibility to add groups together. NB: a rally might be an exception for your car insurance, check this beforehand.

Registrations have closed!

Kinecie 2020/2021

President: Rowan Brakel

Secretary: Lianne Folkerts

Treasurer: Mijke Dijken

Commissioner of Acquisition: Friso Knaud

Commissioner of Logistics: Mees Hoefeijzers

Commissioner of Promotion: Tessel van Gameren