As a Nanobiologist, it may be difficult at times to explain to your parents what it is you actually do. That is why a family day is the perfect opportunity to show this and explain what the opportunities are in the future. During this family day multiple aspects of Nanobiology will be shown as well as what a typical day in the life of a Nanobiology student looks like. We also want to bring the parents in action and let them do practica by themselves.

We also hope that this day will be very educational for the parents and that they will learn a lot about things as different important enzymes. One of the most complex processes in your body is the formation of an embryo. A lot of proteins are used to direct these actions in the cell. One of those proteins are the Hox proteins, they are responsible for the distribution of the different parts of an embryo.
So with the help of the Hox proteins, an embryo will be formed into a baby, and that baby might be a Nanobiologist. That is something a parent could be proud of!

Functions 2020/2021

President: Bastiaan van Dijk
Secretary: Wibien van Haga
Treasurer: Nella Estok
Commissioner of Logistics: Matthijs Jansen
QQ: Loek Andriessen