In February 2021 the second big international study trip of Hooke will take place, which will be organized by Diffucie. During this carrier-oriented trip of 9 days we will visit companies, universities and institutes on multiple cool locations in Europe. All companies are active in the broad field of Nanobiology. The study trip is meant for the older students of Hooke who are interested in a serious, future-oriented trip. During the trip, interesting future internships, projects or jobs can be arranged and networks be build. For sure there will be time for nice activities and experiencing the local culture and nature. It will be an unforgettable trip in which Nanobiologists will diffuse around the world!


President: Brian Analikwu

Treasurer: Tom de Laat

Transpofunds: Mike Hoogeveen

Acquihostels: Max Kaag

Universtitutes: Defne Eraksoy

Minuting QQ: Hanna Vermeer

QQ: Loek Andriessen