Alumni Day

On June 12th, the alumni day will be held in the Erasmus MC. For now, this is what the schedule of the day will look like: We will start at 16:00 hr with coffee/tea, after which an hour of presentations starts at 16:30 hr. After the presentations, there will be some time for networking, and dinner will be served. Dinner will consist of a sate buffet (also vegetarian). After dinner, we will close of the evening with a nostalgic pubquiz. The evening will end at 20:30 hr.

The costs for participating including dinner are €7,50. If you would like to come, but do not want to join dinner, the costs are €2,50. Both will include some drinks.

If you can not make it, you can also register for the livestream of the presentations.

Register here for the physical event in the Erasmus MC:

Registration was closed on Wednesday, 02-06-2021 11:00

Register here for the free livestream of the presentations, if you cannot make it to the Erasmus MC: