The study programme Nanobiology started September 2012. In its second year, under guidance of the study association for Applied Physics (the VvTP) and the study association for Medicine in Rotterdam (the MFVR), five Nanobiology students were appointed with the task to found an independent study association for Nanobiology.

On November 20 2014, the study association for Nanobiology Hooke (S.V.N.B. Hooke) was founded. The names honours the British scientist Robert Hooke, known for his law that describes the behaviour of a spring. Besides, the word ‘cell’ originated in one of his books. He was a bridge between physics and biology and this is what the study programme also strives for.

Board 1 directly promoted S.V.N.B. Hooke with a grand opening party and a successful symposium. Furthermore, they organised the first multiple day excursion, where students got to know the field of Nanobiology in Keulen.

In September 2015, Board 2 took over the lead of the association. They have taken care of increased professionality and turned S.V.N.B. Hooke in a better known and more settled association. The first dies of the association was celebrated and the associations’ magazine mRNA was born. Developments related to education also took place: at the BEP event students and researchers met each other in order to start successful bachelor end projects.

In the year 2016-2017, Board 3 was mainly guided by the growth of the association. From this year on, Nanobiology became an international bachelor and the first steps to an international study association were made. The master committee and career event ASconnect have strengthened the link with the Nanobiology field. A greater number of students also led to more opportunities for activities. For the first time, a surfing trip instead of the usual skiing trip was organised and the successful “halflustrum gala” took place.

In the past year, Nanobiology became such a popular programme that it was necessary to set a cap to the number of students. In September 2017 exactly 100 students have started the bachelor and have become familiar with S.V.N.B. Hooke under guidance of Board 4. As the first fulltime board they will aim for a more elaborate study trip and more diverse career orientation for the students.