Former boards

Board 4

The board of 2017/2018 was constituted as follows:

President: Myrthe Smit

Secretary: Tom Aarts

Treasurer: Danilo Remmers

Commissioner of External Affairs: Cleo Bagchus

Commissioner of Education: Dirk Kruit









(FLTR: Danilo Remmers, Cleo Bagchus, Tom Aarts, Myrthe Smit, Dirk Kruit)

Board 3

The board of 2016/2017 was constituted as follows:

President: Amanda van der Sijs

Secretary: Rosanne Wallin

Treasurer: Jacobus Dijkman

Commissioner of External Affairs: Rachel Los

Commissioner of Education: Bas Nieuwenhuis









(FLTR: Rachel Los, Jacobus Dijkman, Amanda van der Sijs, Bas Nieuwenhuis, Rosanne Wallin)

Board 2

The board of 2015/2016 was constituted as follows:

President: Valérie Pourquié

Secretary: Mandy Segers

Treasurer: Stefan Hagedoorn

Commissioner of External Affairs: Kees van Bezouw

Commissioner of Education: Fiona Murphy

Bestuur 2









(FLTR: Mandy Segers, Kees van Bezouw, Valérie Pourquié, Stefan Hagedoorn, Fiona Murphy)

Board 1

The board of 2014/2015 was constituted as follows:

President: Miranda Visser

Secretary: Marre Niessen

Treasurer: Max Betjes

Commissioner of External Affairs: Mathijs Verhagen

Commissioner of Education: Ilja Briggeman








(FLTR: Mathijs Verhagen, Marre Niessen, Miranda Visser, Max Betjes, Ilja Briggeman)