Besides parties organized by only Hooke, there is also a party organized by all study associations in Applied Sciences. This party is organised by the party committee (FeCo), with members from LST, MST, AP and Nanobiology. LABDance 2019 will be held on 27 March.

Members 2018/2019

President: Sue van Deursen (TG)
Secretary: Iza Muradin (S.V. LIFE)
Treasurer: Pim van Beeck (S.V.N.B. Hooke)
Commissioner of Promotion and Acquisition: Nassim Oumessoud (VvTP)
QQ: Amária Vledder (S.V.N.B. Hooke)
QQ: Martijn Wissink (S.V. LIFE)
QQ: Ruben Braas (VvTP)
QQ: Guido Hartog (TG)