Job Offers

On this page job offers for master end projects, internships and starting positions in the Nanobiology field will be published.

PhD Scholarschip in Biomolecular Science at UNSW Sydney 

Many organisms move, but the origin of motility is still not known. We focus on nature’s oldest propellor: the bacterial flagellar motor (BFM). A remarkable product of evolution, the BFM rotates at 100,000 rpm to drive swimming and navigate bacteria towards food. We will estimate ancestral protein sequences and engineer these ancient genes into present day bacterial genomes to ‘re-run’ evolution to make a microbial ‘Jurassic Park’. We combine fluidics and synthetic biology to direct and understand the evolution of the motor and then use novel engineered motors to sense and control fluid flows in scaleable microreactors.

We are looking for quality recently finished or finishing undergraduate candidates to commence a PhD in 2019 in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales. The Scientia Scholarship is generous, totalling AUD$40,000/yr tax-free (£23k/yr) for 4 years (typical Australian PhD length 3.5 years) with a further AUD$10,000/yr (£5.7k) for conference travel and career development. Interested candidates please contact Matt Baker ( or apply here.