Anna Akhmanova

Anna Akhmanova


Prof. Dr. Akhmanova is a renowned scientist in the field of cellbiology. She is best known for her work on cytoskeletal organisation and trafficking processes, a field in which her findings continue to provide insights into vertebrate development and human disease. One of the main topics of her research is the microtubules and the proteins interacting with their ends. The use of advanced microscopy techniques is a crucial element to her studies.

Akhmanova started her fruitful career in science at the Moscow State University, where she studied biochemistry and molecular biology. After this, she decided to move to the Netherlands where she worked at the University of Nijmegen. Her efforts here earned her a PhD in 1997. As a postdoc she completed several projects in Nijmegen as well as at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. It was at the Department of Cell Biology of the latter faculty that she started her own research group in 2001, supported by the ALW Vernieuwingsimpuls VIDI award for excelling researchers. Later, as a senior researcher, she received the VICI award as well.

In 2011, Akhmanova moved her research to Utrecht University, where she is currently a professor of Cell Biology. In 2013 Akhmanova teamed up with TU Delft’s Prof. Dr. Marileen Dogterom. They received the prestigious ERC Synergy Grant  for their project “MODELCELL: Building a Model Cell to Achieve Control of Cellular Organization”. In this project they focus on Akhmanova’s specialty: the cytoskeleton. Their aim is to reveal the principles of cytoskeletal organization by performing experiments both in simplified in vitro systems and in living cells.

Akhmanova currently occupies herself with multiple projects on the microtubules and will tell us more about their dynamics in vitro and in vivo.


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NEWS: On 15 June Anna Akhmanova has won the Spinoza Prize for her world-leading research into the cytoskeleton! Click the link for more information.