Wnt Annunciation

Dear fellow Nano students,

You wn’t believe what I wnt to tell you! Although wnter is coming, Wnt is busy organizing a trip to a more non-wnter destination… Where will the wnt blow us to this year!? Do you wnt to know the exact destination? Wnt wn’t announce the destination until the 24th of October in Bar het Lab during the ‘borrel’. You will also get the opportunity to sign up for this awesome holiday.

Please be aware that shortly after you’re in the first payment will have to be made, so set aside some money after your well earned Stufi is on your bank account. This vacation will include: awesomeness, a tanned skin, memories for life (maybe no memories at all) and so it’s gonna be great. See you there!

If you can’t come on the 24th, it will also be possible to sign up online as a link to the form will be put online Tuesday evening.

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