Measures S.V.N.B. Hooke on the coronavirus

We are very sorry to announce that all Hooke activities up to and including the 6th of April are cancelled as part of the measures taken by TU Delft to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We understand that this can be a large disappointment for both the organizing committees and participants of the upcoming activities. However, in following the advice and protocol of the TU Delft in reaction to the COVID-19 measures of the Dutch government, we are obliged to either cancel or postpone all activities for everyone’s safety. These activities also include committee meetings, brainstorm evenings, and the like. We urge you all to follow the advice of the RIVM:

Definitively cancelled events in the coming period are:
– Tuesday drinks
– Gupta Case Study
– Lustrum Cantus (the ticket cost will not be invoiced)
– YER Workshop
– Course Evaluations
– The B5 is back week activities
– Alumni Day

The hub will also be closed until April 6th.

As stated by both the TU Delft and EMC, all lectures are cancelled. The programme is trying to find ways to make sure that the education can continue online. If you want to help them out and (preferably) have some experience with Bright Space set-up, online learning platforms, or the like, you can send a message to with your full name, student number, and TU Delft email address.

We have no information on whether the events after April 6th can continue, but we are watching the development of this situation closely. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via We will keep you up to date.