Excursion to Lumicks

In the afternoon of Friday 24th of May, a select group of our master students and bachelor students traveled to Lumicks in Amsterdam. Lumicks is a company that is mostly focused on microscopes with optical tweezers built in, but is also active in related fields. The group of Nynke Dekker at the department of BioNanoscience at the TU Delft recently acquired one of their C-Trap devices, which just shows how well Nanobiology students and Lumicks go together.

The group got a tour of the Lumicks facilities in an old lab space of the UvA, but they were very quick to show us renderings of their new building which they will move to in the coming months. During the tour that was given by a Nanobiology alumnus and a master intern, the group got an explanation of how the devices that Lumicks builds work exactly. The techniques behind optical tweezers were already well known to the group, but acoustic force spectroscopy and the technique behind the z-Movi (cell interaction studies) were extremely fascinating as well.

After the tour, the group also got a presentation about the underlying principles and the applications of optical tweezers. The students then got the opportunity to see a live demo of the C-Trap device and software. At the end of the excursion, the group could join the company workers on their Friday afternoon drinks to have a casual chat about working at Lumicks.

All in all, the excursion was well received amongst the students and we hope to see more of Lumicks in the future!

Interested in an internship or job at Lumicks? Contact the commissioner of external affairs: