Study Trip 2019

In the first week of February 2019, Diffucie organised Hooke’s first big city trip to Sweden and Denmark. On Friday evening we took the bus and after a long night, we arrived in Lund, the first destination of our 10-day trip. In Lund, we explored the city and visited a student nation. On Sunday we visited the old city centre of Malmö, where we explored the Malmöhus museum and ended the day in a typical Swedish sauna.

After a relaxing weekend to recover from the bus trip, we started on Monday with the company visits. The first company of our trip was Spago Nanomedical, where we got interesting and inspiring presentations about the computational modelling that is involved in drug discovery and drug delivery. In the afternoon we visited Thyrolytics, a start-up company part of the SmiLe incubator in Medicon Village. Here, we got inspired with stories of how to start your own company and become a successful start-up.

On Tuesday morning we visited Tetra Pak, the world leader in food packaging solutions. We were taken on a guided tour to see the complex machines in work and got an interesting talk about the nanotechnological research that is done in developing smart packages. After our visit to Tetra Pak, the bus brought us to the second destination of our trip: Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg, we visited AstraZeneca, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Here we learned that research in a large company like AstraZeneca is not that different from the research we know. We also got information about the AZ BioVentureHub for small companies and learned from a Dutch student how she experiences doing her master thesis at AstraZeneca. Afterwards, we went to the Swedish mountains to enjoy an afternoon of skiing.

The next two days we visited the University of Technology Chalmers in Gothenburg and the DTU, Denmark’s Technical University, in Copenhagen. In both places, many projects were presented where we as Nanobiologists would be very useful. We were taken on fascinating lab tours through different laboratories and clean rooms.

The last two days of the study trip, we spent in Copenhagen, where we enjoyed the beautiful city and visited many tourist attraction, for example, the oldest amusement park in the world: Tivoli!

We can look back on a wonderful trip with many interesting visits to companies, universities and four beautiful cities. We would like to thank all excursions for the warm welcomes and interesting talks and to our own professors Martin Depken, Timon Idema and Claire Wyman for accompanying us on this pleasant and educative trip.

We are looking forward to the next study trip and are curious where Diffucie 2 will bring us!

President: Teun Huijben
Secretary: Amaria Vledder
Treasurer: Thijs van der Burgt
Logistics: Weronika Hoska van Aken
External relations: Thieme Schmidt, Juancito van Leeuwen