Nanobiology MSc student Marloes Arts won a Unilever Research Prize (2.500 euro) for her research during her Master End Project on “BRCA2 mobility analysis using deep learning and the moment scaling spectrum”. This gene produces tumor-suppressing proteins that help repair damaged DNA. Due to mutations or other types of changes in this gene, damaged DNA cannot properly be repaired, increasing the risk of cancer. Mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer can change the mobility of BRCA2 in cells. Marloes’ research now makes it possible to monitor these mobility changes directly.

Upon receiving her prize, Marloes was complimented on the following: “The scientific depth, discipline and impact of your work, which is currently being prepared for publication, is very exceptional for an MSc student… You have strengthened the Nanobiology programme by sharing your expertise as a tutor in various mathematics and physics courses. You completed both your BSc and MSc cum laude and you were a top candidate for the TU Delft Best Thesis Award. Congratulations on an impressive achievement!”
(credits: communication TNW)

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