NWO-groot grant for brain imaging centre CUBE

NWO has approved an application for the Center for Ultrasound Brain Imaging at Erasmus MC (CUBE), in which TU Delft is also involved. The science financier has earmarked nearly 2.5 million euros for the realization of the new centre.

Understanding the brain is one of the largest challenges science is facing today.  This new centre may fast-track this understanding. Within CUBE, scientists will use a new type of echography to visualize  blood inside the brain. With its unique temporal and spatial properties, this imaging technique will help neuroscientists to better understand how different brain areas work together and neurosurgeons to better delineate tumour from healthy functional tissue during operations.

The Delft contribution to this project is the construction of an essential component for this new ultrasound: the transducer, the part that emits and receives the ultrasound waves. ‘This is an advanced and complex device with integrated electronics that can be used before or during surgery’, said Nico de Jong of the Imaging Physics department.

Besides Nico de Jong, Wiro Niessen (part-time appointment) and Ton van der Steen (zero-hours appointment) are also involved in the project.

Source: TU Delft