Spinozapremie Marileen Dogterom

Marileen Dogterom, head of the department of BioNanoScience, has won the Spinoza Price 2018. The spinoza price is the most important price in Dutch Science. Every year, three or four researchers receive this price. They all receive € 2.5 million to spent on their research.

Marileen her research focuses on cytoskeletal polymers. How these polymers are organised and assembled is important for many cellular processes. To reach an understanding of the physics governing the cytoskeleton, her lab does experiments in microfabricated environments and living cells and they perform theoretical modelling.

The other researchers that received the price are prof. dr. John van der Oost, prof. dr. Carsten de Dreu and prof. dr. Anna Akhmanova. Both John van der Oost and Anna Akhmanova also perform research in the Nanobiology field.

John van der Oost is seen as one of the founding fathers of the CRISPR Cas system. Anna Akhmanova also focusses on the cytoskeleton, just as Marileen does. Prof. Akhmanova is also one of the speakers on our symposium October 10.

We want to congratulate all researchers that received this price. We hope that this will stimulate Nanobiology centered research.