Company Visit Gent

Last week the first and second year students visited Gent. We had a tour and a presentation at two companies: The Cell Factory and ProDigest. Here the students learned a lot on how to turn research into a viable company in the biotechnology sector.

The cell factory is a company focused on the development of extracellular vesicles for applications in regenerative medicine. The development of these EV’s would be much more affordable than other drugs used in this field. The cell factory is the Research and Development department of the larger company Esperite. During the tour we could see how the EVs were visualized using light scattering.

Secondly, we visited ProDigest. They make functional simulations of the intestinal tract. The models model a variety of different situations: for example both babies and adults or people with a clostridium dificile infection. While some students could not handle the smell, the rest received a tour of the labs.

The day ended with a visit to Gents finest bowling alley.