Scientists at the EMC receive grant for research on dementia

The research groups Molecular Genetics and Neuroscience of the Erasmus Medical Center have received 1,2 million euro’s for research on dementia. The focus of the research will be the influence of aging and DNA damage on dementia. Prevention is a central theme in all research on these aging-associated diseases. The formation of protein-plaques is a specialism of the researchers.

Earlier research has shown that the neural system benefits from an improvement in diet. Especially a smaller intake of protein (for example from meat) likely has a positive effect.

Dr. Joris Pothof (teacher for the Nanobiology course Engineering Genetic Information) and dr. Pier Giorgio Mastroberardino from Molecular Genetics and prof. Ype Elgersma and dr. Dick Jaarsma from Neuroscience will lead the research at the Erasmus MC.