Young Medical Delta officially launched

Het volgende bericht is het persbericht naar aanleiding van de lancering van de Young Medical Delta. De Medical Delta streeft ernaar om medische en technische partijen in de Randstad te verbinden, en netwerken te verbreden. Samenwerken kan niet vroeg genoeg starten en met dat in het achterhoofd, is nu ook de Young Medical Delta opgezet. Deze commissie is nieuw gevormd – met Marloes Adank, derdejaars Nanobioloog, erin – en zal in de loop der tijd activiteiten organiseren. Nanobiologen zullen hier van harte welkom zijn.

On March 2nd, a committee consisting of 7 Master’s and PhD students was inaugurated to shape the YOUNG Medical Delta network. Its mission: letting a new generation experience the collaboration between science, industry and education on the one hand, and between the areas of the life sciences, health and technology on the other. “It has to settle into their genes”.


Gathered at the Bierfabriek in Delft to celebrate the launch a ‘junior branch’: YOUNG Medical Delta. Roel Kamerling, who has just been appointed as new director of Medical Delta: “Medical Delta owes a lot to the early adaptors who recognised the importance of collaboration between doctors and engineers, and between scientists and entrepreneurs. They are the pioneers of their generation. With YOUNG Medical Delta we aim to make this type of collaboration natural to a new generation.” “YOUNG Medical Delta will represent a boost to the Medical Delta as a whole.”


Prof. Richard Goossens, Medical Delta professor in Physical Ergonomics at both TU Delft and Erasmus MC, is jokingly introduced as ‘OLD Medical Delta’. He has high expectations of the new initiative. “Young people haven’t lost their open-mindedness yet, and they are especially well capable of looking beyond the boundaries of their own study programme and city. Major breakthroughs most often originate from people under 30.” Goossens has ambition: “The Medical Delta represents an amazing potential in terms of up-and-coming talents. It is high time that we mobilise this potential and show the world what we’ve got here. We want our own Nuna [the solar-powered car developed by students that won the World Solar Challenge many times] and win international prizes with it.

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While YOUNG Medical Delta is expressly aimed at young professionals and entrepreneurs as well, the committee starts off consisting of 7 representatives of students associations and PhD students. On behalf of Medical Delta Charlotte Nijhoff was tasked with finding candidates for the committee. “We were already being contacted on a regular basis by student associations looking to tap into the Medical Delta network. The idea of YOUNG Medical Delta was received enthusiastically.”

Future perspectives

The committee is a varied group: one hopes to break out of the ‘bubble’ of the study programme and university, the other is already travelling back and forth between cities in the context of a multidisciplinary study programme. Their reasons to join YOUNG Medical Delta are just as varied: one aims to establish a link to the job market (“even though educational programmes are getting more and more multidisciplinary, initiatives to bring students in contact with employers are still monodisciplinary”), the other wants to connect the various student associations. “What binds us together as a committee is our enthusiasm for what Medical Delta stands for. Many more medical students are interested in technology, and vice versa, but in practice they don’t get to experience those other fields. YOUNG Medical Delta has the potential to change this.” The members of the committee are unanimous in stating that the future perspectives for these young people will get much better thanks to the Medical Delta.

Carte blanche

Nijhoff: “The members of the committee have been appointed for one year to shape the activities in a reasonably autonomous fashion.” Does this imply the committee has been given carte blanche? “In a way, yes,” says Kamerling, laughing. “As Medical Delta organisation we have a number of ideas, sure, but I’m certain the committee will mostly generate its own ideas. I’m curious as to what they will come up with.” With the ink of the signatures on the founding documents still wet, the brand new YOUNG Medical Delta committee is down to earth: “Let’s first divide duties. And get our objectives rights. They need to be realistic.”

YOUNG Medical Delta committee 2016-2017

  • Carla van Alem – Promovendus LUMC/ LUMC Association for PhD candidates (LAP)
  • Arjan Rauwers—Promovendus ErasmusMC / Promeras
  • Diederik Raasenberg – Klinische Technologie / S.V.K.T. Variscopic
  • Sophie Cramer – Master Biomedical Engineering / Dispuut Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
  • Marloes Adank – Nanobiology/ S.V.N.B.  Hooke
  • Pim de Bree – Geneeskunde / Medische Faculteits Vereniging Rotterdam
  • Okker Bijlstra – Geneeskude / Medische Faculteit der Leidse Studenten