Lustrum Committee

As the 5-year anniversary of S.V.N.B. Hooke is approaching, a celebration is in order. To organise this festive year the first LuCo, short for Lustrum Committee, has been appointed. Together with the other Hooke committees we will make the entire year special by organising lots of activities, both fun and inspiring, throughout the entire year. We’ll ensure that Hooke members will have a way to celebrate this lustrum in an appropriate manner. We hope that the first lustrum will be absolutely unprecedented!

President: Francesca Kessler
Secretary: Nice Kerkhoven
Treasurer: Joris van Stam
Commissioner of activities and logistics: Emma van Amersfoort
Commissioner of promotion and acquisition: Enya Berrevoets & Philippe Henry
QQ: Amária Vledder & Sara Okhuijsen

Left to right: Francesca, Philippe, Emma, Enya, Amária, Sara, Nico, Joris