With only a few graduates, being a Nanobiology student can be difficult. Where can you find an internship? Or a job? These newly graduates won’t have a large network yet, and there aren’t many that graduated before them that could help. How should they even start looking for a job, and how should they present themselves during a job interview? This committee was started to help these first batches of Nanobiology students answer all these questions and find the right career path. By organizing activities such as excursions (small ones as well as the multiple-day excursion abroad) and workshops, this committee will try and bring students closer to the field.

Functieverdeling 2018/2019

President: Tim Zonjee
Secretary: Erik Berding
Treasurer: Iris Bakker
Commissioner of Logistics: Céline van Wassenhove
Commissioner of External Affairs: William Verstraeten
QQ: Juancito van Leeuwen

Upper row: Juancito van Leeuwen, William Verstraeten, Erik Berding

Lower row: Tim Zonjee, Céline van Wassenhove, Iris Bakker