From left to right: Juancito van Leeuwen, Brian Analikwu, Sara Okhuijsen, Amária Vledder, Marlo Neumann

The fifth board of S.V.N.B. Hooke of the academic year 2018/2019 consists of the people listed below. They will work hard for one year to bring the association to the next level. Social, educational and career orientated activities are organised by committees for all Nanobiology students. From lunch lectures to drinks and a multiple day excursion, S.V.N.B. Hooke is the perfect place for a Nanobiology student to develop itself in different fields. As a young association, there is still a lot to discover and there is a lot of space for new traditions. Do not hesitate to appeal to us or to visit our board office (C0.010) if you have a good idea or if you have something else to share.

Functions for the academic year 2018/2019

President: Amária Vledder (
I am Amária, a fourth year student Nanobiology and I am the president of Hooke. My tasks in the board are mostly connected to keeping an overview of the associartion and the board. I am the representative for members and contacts from outside the association.
After doing several committees at S.V.N.B. Hooke, and doing a fulltime DreamTeam of the TU Delft (the iGEM 2017 team), I am now fully committed to our study association.
Together with the board I will make sure our association thrives.
Secretary: Brian Analikwu (
As the secretary of the board, I will be responsible for communication with the members, the association’s records, and writing the minutes during GAs and board meetings. Besides these tasks, I will also work to improve our website, help Juancito with contacting companies, and a lot more! My committees this year are IntroN, Exon, and ATP. Some of you may know me as Dobby from IntroN 2017, which I enjoyed so much, that I’m doing another year of IntroN! Last year, I also organized the Symposium with the SNP which had a record number of attendees and was an overall success.

Treasurer: Marlo Neumann (
Hey Guys ‘n galls, how you all doing? I am Marlo and they sometimes call me the treasurer of S.V.N.B. Hooke. Holding that title means I’m responsible for the financial wellbeing of the association. My daily business consists of counting money, pulling some creative accounting stunts, telling my fellow board members to spend less money, sending automatic invoices to association members and paying all the bills. At the start of the year, I made a budget to make sure there is a plan behind every cent that leaves my wallet. At the end of the year I will also make a result to see if the budget I made was fulfilling for all the needs of the association and to control I did not spend stupid stacks on unneeded things. I started studying nanobiology in the summer of 2016. I really enjoyed the introduction weekend (IntroN) and when I had the possibility to be in the Wnt committee shortly after I became invested in Hooke. Some time after enjoying an amazing holiday with all my friends, I also became part of the activity committee of S.V.N.B. Hooke. I started with the function of secretary, but after half a year I became part of the board, so I stayed involved as QQ’er of the committee. Furthermore I’m also going to be part of organizing the family day in march and I’m also part of Stichting Barbeheer Het Lab. To complete the circle, I will also be part of the committee organizing the next IntroN. Naturally, I want to give the next cohort of nanobiologists the same awesome introduction to the life of a nanobiology student as I’ve had!

Commissioner of External Affairs: Juancito van Leeuwen (
Hi! My name is Juancito van Leeuwen and I am Commissioner of External Affairs. My main responsibility in the board is the contact with external parties: mainly companies and institutes. I am also in charge of acquisition and helping MSc students find the right internships for them. You will usually find me in the Hub behind my computer sending all-important emails, in meetings organizing important events or on the phone discussing interesting collaborations.
I started studying Nanobiology in 2015, which some consider the golden or “gamma” year. Since then, I’ve organized a parents day and symposium with SOX2 (‘vo), interesting lunch lectures, excursions and the great MDE to Heidelberg with Cohecie 2 (‘vo) and last but not least a wnterful surf vacation with Wnt 2 (‘vo). As you can see, S.V.N.B. Hooke has given me a lot of opportunities and now I hope to give back by helping it grow into an even more amazing association.
Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Sara Okhuijsen (
As your commissioner of education, I try to improve the quality of our study and think along with the programme direction. With course evaluations, I try to represent the voice of the students to teachers. Another responsibility I have is making sure you get the right books for the courses delivered. Besides the educational responsibilities, I also take part in the Wntersport vacation, the Lustrum Committee and the messenger of our association, the mRNA.
I started studying Nanobiology in 2016 and joined the high energy committee ATP soon after. I actually live in Rotterdam, so you can always ask me to educate you on fun hotspots there.