Timon Idema Teacher of the Year 2019

Timon Idema, teacher of the bachelor course Quantum Mechanics for Nanobiology and teacher of the master course Soft Matter, among others, was elected Teacher of the Year for our Nanobiology programme. These two courses are certainly among the more difficult courses of our study programme, but Timon Idema is able to bring across the contents of these courses in such a clear and effective manner, that students praise his teaching style.

As well as being the Teacher of the Year for our study programme, he was also named Teacher of the Year for our faculty, the faculty of Applied Sciences, which means that he now is a contender for the overall Teacher of the Year competition of the TU Delft. S.V.N.B Hooke would like to congratulate Timon Idema with this well-deserved prize for being an outstanding teacher and mentor to Nanobiology students.