Belt and tools

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To start with building the house itself Bob needs his belt and his tools, unfortunately he forgot where he left his work equipment since Bob went to bar ‘t lab straight out work yesterday and got pretty drunk. Help the Builder to get his tools back by solving the riddles on this page.

1. Bob catches a glimpse of his helmet at the supermarket on Vissers head. Visser also lives in Bobsville and envies the Builder so he constantly copies our friend Bob. Rumour goes he even changed his first name to Bob. The Builder walks up to Visser and asks his helmet back. However Visser is not that easy on Bob: “You can get your helmet back if you can solve this puzzle.” Visser shows him a card with the text below:

What 5 numbers are next in this code:

2. Morisso, Kaa and Adtja are busy pipetting test tubes in the lab. They brought the hammer from Bob with them to hammer off their frustrations when they have to do the pipetting over again. Bob sees the frustrated ladies and asks them if they could give him his hammer back. They do want to give the hammer back if Bob helps them with the pipetting device. The pipetting has to be precise and since they don’t want to do the procedure over and over the ladies want to use an electronic device that moves over the test tubes and does the pipetting for them. However the device moves in straight lines and can only change direction 3 times. Show the route of the device when it covers all test tubes, by connecting all dots drawing only four straight lines without taking the pen off the paper. Start at the left top.

3. Pssshtttt the sound of beer spraying from the happy cylinder catches bob attention on the way home. There is Olexander Sleutel in his natural habitat; trekking a bak. However this time he did not use a key to open the beer can but Bob’s screwdriver is dangling between his fingers. He smiles at Bob and shouts “What time is it Bob?….. that’s right, time for a beer. ” Bob politely asks his screwdriver back. Olexander concedes if the Builder is able to answer his question:
“Tell me Bob, when eleven plus two equals one, what does nine plus five equal?”

4. Bob spots Ahouk Dutrée with his ruler, busy measuring things, like the distance drunk Olexonder covers after leaving bar ‘t lab compared to the amount of steps he takes, or the length of the list of choices beer at bar ‘t lab. When Bob walks up to her she says “I already know what you want, however I fairly found this ruler so it’s mine now. However you deserve a chance to get it back. If you can solve the following riddle, you will get the ruler back: What is it that given one, you’ll have either two or none?”

5. Hallodin and Roelvo are playing a game with dice, both sitting on one side of the tree. The loser of each round has to saw a bit of the tree from his side, they plan to continue the game until the tree falls down. However Bob comes across the duo and demands his saw back. The men, who just finished a round, challenge bob by asking him what Roelvo’s points of each throw were in the last round, telling him the following:

Roelvo had thrown 2 dice 5 times. The total points of each throw is the multiplication of the numbers thrown.
– The second throw gave 5 points more than the the first
– The third throw gave 6 points more than the second
– The fourth throw gave 11 points more than the third
– The fifth throw gave 8 points more than the fourth
How many points did Roelvo get in every of the 5 throws?[answer1][answer2][answer3][answer4][answer5]/