TUDelft iGEM Dream Team wins incredible amount of prizes in Boston

Yesterday, the TUDelft iGEM Dream Team have won an incredible amount of prizes at the final of the iGEM competition in Boston, including the overgraduate Grand Prize! With their project called Case 13a, they developed a tool for farmers to detect antibiotic resistance in bacteria fast and cheap, in order for them to treat these bacteria in a directed way and slow down the process of bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant.

The other awards they won are: Best Innovation in Measurement, Best Integrated Human Practices, Best Supporting Entrepreneurship, Best Composite Part, Best Part Collection, Best Education and Public Engagement, Best New Application and Best Presentation.

We are amazingly proud of the team, including nine members of our study association: Hielke Walinga, Jasper Veerman, Jeroen Jacques, Amária Vledder, Floor de Jong, Gabriella Tany, Isabell Trinh, Fiona Murphy and Kasper Spoelstra. We want to congratulate them and the other team members with this wonderful achievement.

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