Kickoff Delft Bioengineering Institute

Last week the Kickoff of the Delft Bioengineering Institute took place at the Aula. Prof. Isabel Arends, professor of Biocatalysis and the founder of the Institute: “All across our campus you find scientists who share my fascination for the building blocks of biology and what we can achieve with them. It is a wide and varied field of research. In Delft, we are working on biofuels and biomaterials, but also on subjects like bacteriophages, cell imaging, organ-on-chip technology, and the synthetic cell. The institute will connect these people with each other, and with parties from other areas of society, such as government, industry, non-profit organisations and other academic partners. Together, we aim at tackling problems in fields including energy, materials, health and climate.”

Multiple faculties and departments are involved in the network, including bionanoscience. Martin Depken was part of the organizing committee of the kickoff event. The institute is highly relevant for Nanobiology students, working at the interface of biology and engineering.

Biodate 2018 was one of the activities at the launch party. Scientists from different faculties speed dated to formulate an interdisciplinary project proposal for a Master’s project. The best proposals were awarded a money prize. Maybe your ideal master’s project can be funded with the help of this new institute.



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