S.V.N.B. Hooke

Study Association Nanobiology


Committee thank you activity

Friday the 15th of June, S.V.N.B. Hooke organised the committee thank you activity for all the people who contributed to the activities organised last year and to the people who gave advice to the board last year. We went to het Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam, where we chilled out and played games like volleyball and the Kubb Viking game. Furthermore, the board served an easy but nutritious meal. The committee thank you present was also given to the attendees: a skipping rope with the Dutch word joke: “Bedankt voor het bijspringen”, which means “Thanks for helping out”, but literally translates to “Thanks for jumping in.” It was a very enjoyable...
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Spinozapremie Marileen Dogterom

Marileen Dogterom, head of the department of BioNanoScience, has won the Spinoza Price 2018. The spinoza price is the most important price in Dutch Science. Every year, three or four researchers receive this price. They all receive € 2.5 million to spent on their research. Marileen her research focuses on cytoskeletal polymers. How these polymers are organised and assembled is important for many cellular processes. To reach an understanding of the physics governing the cytoskeleton, her lab does experiments in microfabricated environments and living cells and they perform theoretical modelling. The other researchers that received the price are prof. dr. John van der Oost, prof. dr. Carsten de Dreu and...
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Meerdaagse Excursie Oxford

From June 8 until June 10 a group of 30 bachelor and master students visited Oxford. We visited multiple departments at the University of Oxford and a company, called Oxsybio. Finally, we also received a lunch lecture in the sun from a former Nanobiology student that finished a master mathematical and theoretical physics in Oxford. Friday 8th  On Friday we divided the group into two so that visiting Oxsybio would become a lot easier. Both groups visited the department of biological physics, Micron (the imaging facility at the university) and Oxsybio. At the department of biological physics, the group received a tour by two PhD students. They explained their research...
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Company Visit Gent

Last week the first and second year students visited Gent. We had a tour and a presentation at two companies: The Cell Factory and ProDigest. Here the students learned a lot on how to turn research into a viable company in the biotechnology sector. The cell factory is a company focused on the development of extracellular vesicles for applications in regenerative medicine. The development of these EV’s would be much more affordable than other drugs used in this field. The cell factory is the Research and Development department of the larger company Esperite. During the tour we could see how the EVs were visualized using light scattering. Secondly, we visited...
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