Master commissie

This November a new committee has been formed, the ML1! This group consists of 6 Nanobiology master students and will enhance the experience of the Nanobiology Master Life. Our main activity will be to organise events. These events can be either social, to get to know each other better or study related, to broaden yourself in the Nanobiology field.

Our main incentives are:

-To bring together Nanobiology master students and to have a good time!

-To organise events to broaden our Nanobiology knowledge outside the curriculum

-To make a platform where all Nanobiology students can discuss all that is related to us and our studies, for example evaluating the program and sharing fun/interesting activities with each other.

As the Nanobiology master is relatively new and the numbers are small, the possibilities for activities are large. If you have any idea for an activity that would be interesting or fun for all master students, please let us know.

Members 2016/2017

Jasper Veerman

Ilias Zarguit

Christine van Tuyll

Guus Kolpa

Floor de Jong

Rachel Los

Bas Nieuwenhuis