Sales of study books by S.V.N.B. Hooke

Hooke takes care of selling the books for the Nanobiology programme. Because of this students are able to by their books with a discount. It is mandatory to be a member of the study association. Books can be ordered online through the following link. You need to make a separate account for the web shop. For the academic year 2017-2018 the books are available from the 17th of July.

Warning: Accounts of older students that were used at the VvTP to buy books, can still be used.

For upcoming first year students

If you were present at the introduction weekend, IntroN, you are automatically a member of the study association and you can select: ‘I’m already a member’ when you are buying your books. Did you not join us at the introduction weekend, you can select ‘I want to become a member’ and pay the 15 euro membership fee when checking out. This way you are able to buy all your books with a discount and enjoy the other advantages of being a member of the study association. Additional information for rounding off your membership, will be asked of you later.


If you have any questions regarding the sales of books, you can send them to