ATP officially stands for Adenosine triphosphate. For us it symbolizes action, energy and fun. ATP is the activities committee of S.V.N.B. Hooke. Our committee ensures that our members integrate with each other in a non-study related setting. In this way, all the nanobiologists get to know each other after long lab days and tough study sessions. We do this by organising various activities, such as pubcrawls, sports activities and movie nights.

We also provide the most exciting time of the year: the Dies week. On November 20th, S.V.N.B. Hooke celebrates her birthday and this must be celebrated enthusiastically each year. We will do our extra bests then to organise an awesome week with a fantastic Dies party!

Functions ATetraP

President: Julius Koppen
Secretary: Maaike Kempeneers
Treasurer: Daniël Landré
Commissioner Acquisition & Logistics: Sara Okhuijsen
Commissioner of Promotion: David Garcia van Bijsterveld
QQ: Dirk Kruit
QQ: Danilo Remmers

Top row, from left to right: David, Sara, Julius
Bottom row, from left to right: Daniel, Maaike, Danilo