Bestuur 3

From left to right: Rachel Los, Jacobus Dijkman, Amanda van der Sijs, Bas Nieuwenhuis, Rosanne Wallin

Functions for the academic year 2016/2017

President: Amanda van der Sijs

Secretary: Rosanne Wallin

Treasurer: Jacobus Dijkman

Commissionary of External Affairs: Rachel Los

Commissionary of Educational Affairs: Bas Nieuwenhuis

Amanda van der Sijs

Next year I will be the president of the board, which means that I will keep track of everything that’s going on and  coordinate the board and thus the association. I will represent the study association and be the general contact person for internal en external parties.

I’m now in my fifth year of Nanobiology and will be parttime studying, starting the second semester of the Nanobiology master. During my bachelor I have studied a semester abroad and taken place in various committees. Besides activities of the board I like to play the violin, go for a run along the canal and grab my backpack to go travel as soon as it’s vacation.


Rosanne Wallin

Being the secretary, I spend a lot of my time managing the calendars of everyone on the Board. I am also responsible for all general contact through email and phone. Besides that, I supervise the communication from all committee’s and write a monthly email to all members of S.V.N.B. Hooke containing a schedule of all activities that we will organise as a study association.

I have already been able to enjoy S.V.N.B. Hooke in the last three years, especially when I was organising the very first Introweekend, the symposium and the parents day. Next to my function on the Board, I am spending this year doing my minor ‘Mind and Brain’ in Leiden and playing volleyball with my team at Punch.


Jacobus Dijkman

As Treasurer I am responsible for the budgeting and accounting of the association. I oversee the magazine committee (the mRNA), the vacation committee (the Wnt) and the introduction weekend committee (IntroN).

I am a third-year Nanobiology student. I live in Delft and I’m doing a minor in Computer Science at the TU Delft.


Rachel Los

This year I will be the Commissioner of External Affairs of the third board of S.V.N.B. Hooke. Because our association is so young, my function mostly entails laying the foundations for new relationships with organisations and companies in addition to strengthening old relationships. Besides this I try to help students gain more insight in the different options they have in choosing their career path.

I am a fourth-year Nanobiology student, currently in the first year of the master. Within Hooke I have organised Labdance in my second year with the FeCo and in my third year I organised the parents day and the symposium with SOX2. In my free time I play football at Ariston’ 80 and I sing for the Groover Big Band.


Bas Nieuwenhuis

As Commissioner of Educational Affairs, I am responsible for all education related matters, this includes the organising of course evaluations and taking care of selling books. If there are problems with education, I will report to the faculty and help them find a solution.

I am in my third year of the study nanobiology and have worked on the introduction weekend and the study association magazine. In the time that is left over for myself I like to play my guitar or bass or I will play a game of darts with my housemates.