On the 3d of September 2012, the bachelor programme for Nanobiology was started for the first time. Students of this programme get the unique opportunity to experience the expertises of two different universities in two different cities: Delft and Rotterdam. For the first two years the study association for Applied Physics in Delft (the VvTP) and the study association for Medicine in Rotterdam (the MFVR) welcomed the students with open arms. However, after some time, there was the strong inclination that Nanobiology students wanted their own study association. This association should reflect the unique character of its students.

For this reason, in the academic year of ’14-’15, five Nanobiology students were appointed as the pre-board of this study association. Under the guidance of the VvTP and the MFVR they founded a study association for Nanobiology: S.V.N.B. Hooke.

The study association has several tasks.

Under the supervision of the commissioner of education, course evaluations are held every octal in order to give students the opportunity to give feedback on the programme. This feedback is discussed with the relevant professors, the education commission or the director of studies and in this way, the study association can monitor the programme and give advice.

Furthermore, it is the job of the study association to be the link between Nanobiology students and companies that are interested in their multidisciplinary background.

Lastly, there are also a lot of social activities throughout the year that are meant for entertainment. Such as dinners, drinks, parties, holidays, a parents-day and lots more. These activities provide a break from all the studying and an opportunity to strengthen the friendship between students.