From left to right: Danilo Remmers, Cleo Bagchus, Tom Aarts, Myrthe Smit, Dirk Kruit

The fourth board of S.V.N.B. Hooke of the academic year 2017/2018 consists of the people listed below. They will work hard for one year to bring the association to the next level. Social, educational and career orientated activities are organised by committees for all Nanobiology students. From lunch lectures to drinks and a multiple day excursion, S.V.N.B. Hooke is the perfect place for a Nanobiology student to develop itself in different fields. As a young association, there is still a lot to discover and there is a lot of space for new traditions. Do not hesitate to appeal to us or to visit our board office (D0.120) if you have a good idea or if you have something else to share.

Functions for the academic year 2017/2018

President: Myrthe Smit

Secretary: Tom Aarts

Treasurer: Danilo Remmers

Commissionary of External Affairs: Cleo Bagchus

Commissionary of Educational Affairs: Dirk Kruit

Myrthe Smit

This year I will be the president of the board, which means that I will keep track of everything that’s going on and  coordinate the board and thus the association. I will represent the study association and be the general contact person for internal and external parties.

I have been studying Nanobiology for three years, during which I have also worked on the association magazine mRNA and on multiple lunch lectures and excursions to organizations in the field. Next to my function on the Board, I like to go windsurfing or to design and tailor my own clothes.


Tom Aarts

My name is Tom Aarts and this year I will be the secretary of the board. As the right hand of the president, my tasks mainly focus on organisation and communication. I am responsible for the calendar of the board as well as the calendars of the other board members, make sure that all activities are planned in the year schedule and stay in contact with the members and external parties.

I like to spend my spare time on doing fun stuff, like visiting a festival on Ameland or go camping for a weekend in Brabant. Next to that, once in a while I try to put on my running shoes, stand on a surfing board or play the piano.


Danilo Remmers

As a third year Nanobiology student I have enjoyed many events of Hooke already. The WiCo (predecessor of Wnt) and ATP committees were a pleasure to be a part of (respectively in my first and second year). In my spare time I have played baseball for 15 years already and I also like to go rowing now and then.

Fulfilling the role of Treasurer at S.V.N.B. Hooke, I take care of our budget and the cash flow through our association. Making sure to help everybody can stay up-to-date on how much they owe Hooke or how much Hooke might owe them, I can always be contacted if you want to look into your debts.


Cleo Bagchus

I am Cleo, a first-year Nanobiology masters student. As a fourth year member of Hooke I have already enjoyed being part of a few committees. In my first year I organized the skiing holiday as part of the Wi’Co (now changed to Wnt). In my second year I was responsible for organizing the symposium in Sox2. I enjoy playing the piano and this year I will be playing lacrosse for the first time.

This academic year I will be the commissioner of external affairs. This means that I am responsible for any contact with companies or other partners. Nanobiology is a new field of work and therefore it can be difficult to know where you will end up. I help students find interesting companies for internships or careers, through lunch lectures, an internship database and excursions. If you have any questions regarding the field of work or internships, you can always contact me.


Dirk Kruit

As the commissioner of education I will take care of things related to the Nanobiology study programme like course evaluation and book sales. I order to improve the quality of the education I have meetings with students, teachers and the program director and coordinator.

I am a 4th year Nanobiology student. Last year I organized celebration of the 2nd birthday of our association as member of the ATP committee. In my free time I enjoy boxing, poker, football and good movies. Also every now and then I still make the long trip to Drenthe to visit my parents and ride on tractors and wrestle with cows.